What is TANAX's Box on Demand system?

"The right time", "The right size", "The right amount"

TANAX's Box on Demand system is a new solution to customize box making based
on the customer's needs rather than a completed system for a specific purpose.

TANAX's Box on Demand system flow

01Material settingSet the material, such as a cardboard sheet, CREDAN, PATADAN, etc., on the machine according to usage. 02Box on Demand processing Box on Demand machine (BOD machine) can make any number of corrugated boxes starting from 1. 03On-demand box production It's the ultimate small lot production system to create any number of boxes of various sizes and styles starting from 1.

Line design according to operation

TANAX provides you
with a logistic solution for various businesses.

  • For Automobile business
  • For Building material business
  • For E-commerce business