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What is the merit of the Just fit Box system?

The Just fit Box system is a new concept and approach in creating perfectly sized boxes for every single order.Since the 3 dimensions of the box can be reduced to fit the product being packed, this system is especially effective for e-commerce businesses to reduce logistics costs and significantly minimize cushioning material.
Additionally, by creating Just fit Boxes in just the amount needed, when needed, using the BOD machine based on your production and packing needs, operation efficiency is improved and labor is significantly reduced.

How many sizes does the BOD machine produce?

The usable width for PATADAN with the BOD machine is from 400 mm to 2,500 mm. When creating a box within this width limit, the machine can create almost any size. As length is not a limiting factor when creating boxes, you can create boxes for long products.

What kind of boxes does the BOD machine produce?

Though it depends on the machine series and cutting unit specification, approximately 100 types of box patterns are registered as standard. Moreover, you can create custom shaped boxes that you design. The box shape pattern is unlimited.

In which business is the BOD machine most used?

The machine is used most for building materials, furniture, automobile and e-commerce business.

At what speed does the BOD machine produce boxes?

Though it depends on the machine series, the box style being produced and associated operation, the machine creates more or less 5 boxes per min. in the case of A-type carton box (dimension: 300 x 300 x 300 mm) on-demand production. In the case of same sized box production, productivity is increased as the machine simultaneously creates 2 to 3 boxes from one wide PATADAN depending on the box size.

Can the BOD machine link with our equipment?

Many BOD machines can be linked with the customer's current production line on site. By transmitting the production data in WMS to the BOD machine, you can produce Just fit Boxes to fit the products being packed without manual operation.

How big is the BOD machine's footprint?

For NEXTMODE 2.5 with 1 PATADAN rack, it's 4 m x 5 m. The footprint varies depending on the machine series, optional equipment, number of PATADAN racks and so on. We provide you with a suitable space solution to use the machines as efficiently as possible at your site.

Is the machine operation easy?

Yes. The BOD machine is activated with easy touch panel operation. During the machine's installation, full training to operate the machine is provided by our engineer.

How many types of PATADAN are used with the BOD machine system?

Standard A, B, C and W flutes are available.

How long does it take to deliver the machine after ordering?

Though it depends on the machine series and order situation, basically it takes approximately 70 days from the date of order to machine shipment.