Merits for automobile business

Reduce logistics cost!

Improved loading efficiency!Loading and transportation efficiency are increased thanks to boxes in the "right size" when shipping large and varied goods such as automobile parts, etc.


Streamline operation!

Speed-up packing!By combining the automatic packing machine, you can realize a significant increase in packing speed and save on labor.


Reduce cushioning!

Right fit!Custom fitting boxes “Just fit BOX” are really effective when packing a large variety of products such as automobile parts. It also helps reduce cushioning.


Reduce material stock!!

Effective use of space!Reduces storage of boxes in varied sizes or low frequency use boxes.


Reduce transport accidents!!

Packing with boxes in the right size reduces the breakage rate during transportation.

Reduce initial cost!

By integrating the Box on Demand (BOD) machine with inkjet printer equipment, logos can be printed on demand without using a printing plate. Moreover, since barcode printing is feasible, it's also useful for operation management.

Case example at automobile business

[Auto packing line for radiator]

[Auto packing line for radiator]