Merits for building material business

Produce boxes for long products!

Boxes for long products can be
Long product boxes, which are comparatively expensive when joining 2 sheets, can be produced using just one sheet.


Increase productivity!

Labor saving by automatic packing
We have many case examples of automatic packing system in the building material business. You can expect to save on labor with the BOD machine system.


Reduce cushioning!

High quality packaging!You can realize fuss-free box creation compared to traditional methods using 2 sheets, and improve the visual aspect of finished boxes.


Reduce material stock!!

Effective use of space!Large varieties of boxes are consolidated in fanfold "PATADAN" of different widths.


Increase loading efficiency!

You can use boxes of the right size even for pre cut materials. As a result, both loading and storage efficiency are increased.

Reduce transport accidents!!

Packing with boxes in the right size reduces the breakage rate during transportation.

Reduce initial cost!

By integrating the Box on Demand (BOD) machine with inkjet printer equipment, logos can be printed on demand without using a printing plate. Moreover, since barcode printing is feasible, it's also useful for operation management.

Case example at building material business


Automatic box manufacturing system for furniture


Automatic packing system for building materials


Automatic packing system for glass shower doors