Merits for e-commerce business

Reduce logistics cost!

Increase loading efficiency!Packing using boxes in the right size helps to increase loading efficiency, therefore, you can expect to reduce logistics cost.


Streamline packing operation!

Speed-up packing! Packing for large goods and goods of peculiar shapes requires patching of existing boxes. However, our Box on Demand machine system helps you to avoid wasting time during packing operations.


Reduce cushioning!

Right fit!Packing with boxes in the right size reduces cushioning materials used to fill empty space in a box. This leads to an improvement of customer satisfaction as well as a reduction in the environmental burden.


Reduce box stock!

Reduce wasted space at warehouse!Stock of boxes in a large variety of sizes can be consolidated in several PATADAN. You can be free from the troublesome labor related to orders and inventory.


Produce non-standard sized boxes!

You can produce large-size corrugated boxes, which are normally hard to procure, as needed.

Reduce transport accidents!!

Packing with boxes in the right size reduces the breakage rate during transportation.

Reduce initial cost!

By integrating the Box on Demand (BOD) machine with inkjet printer equipment, logos can be printed on demand without using a printing plate. Moreover, since barcode printing is feasible, it's also useful for operation management.

High Quality Packaging!

You can package goods by using boxes in the right size to fit the goods.

Case example at e-commerce business


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