To maximize the introductory effects of the
BOD machine, various options are offered.

By combining various items, and through our designs, we propose you the ideal BOD machine to meet your needs and usage on site.


Gluing machine for A-type boxes E-GLUER

Option that allows you to glue the box just by inserting a folded A-type box.
As there is no need to change the setting based on the box size, this is an optimal function for on-demand packaging.

Functions Gluing machine for A-type boxes
Maximum width of the material inserted 1,900mm
Minimum width of the material inserted 210mm
Flap size 100-925mm
Thickness 3mm-6mm
Feeding speed 10-45m per min

- Glue A-type boxes in simple operation
- Glue 10 boxes per minute
- Link with BOD machines


Automatic packaging system VARYPACKBox shapes that can be processed

Automatization system for the sealing and taping process.
Regardless of the box size, you can expect a great reduction in labor as this machine can seal automatically.

Functions Automatic packaging line
Maximum width of PATADAN 2,000mm
Length 300-3,000mm
Width 200-2,000mm
Height 200-1,200mm
Thickness 2mm-7mm
Maximum weight of packing product 75kg
Box style FEFCO409,410

- Rough indication of auto-packing speed,
 When packing the same product in the same box: 4
 boxes per min.
 For flexible box packing: 2 boxes per min.
- As this machine works for wraparound type boxes,
 the box's lateral and back and forth flaps are sealed
 by hotmelt.


Measuring equipment SCANPACK

Scanpack machines measure the product dimension easily and transmit data to the BOD machine. The right size box for the product being packed is automatically created according to the data.

Functions Measuring equipment
Measurable Maximum size 1,100×790×550mm

Automated box-forming system E-BOX

The E-box machine forms a box automatically using a box sheet produced by the BOD machine placed backward.
This machine is suitable for e-commerce products with a large amount of shipments.

Functions Automated box-forming system
Maximum box size 600x600x400mm
Minimum box size 150x150x75mm
Thickness 3mm-6mm
Production speed 4 per min

Print on Demand POD

Optional equipment integrated into the high-performance inkjet printer.
POD can print high resolution images such as barcodes and product names from 70 to 140 mm in width .


Waste management equipment Trim management system

This machine automatically collects material cutting loss during box making. Waste paper baling for easy-recycling contributes to labor saving at sites with a large amount of shipments.