Privacy policy

Private Information Security Policy

TANA-X,Inc. receives private information from various corporations and groups, for us to provide services.
We understand the importance of privacy, and thus, make our best effort to appropriately secure and handle the information.

We handle private information appropriately by following the policies below;

1.We make our best effort to secure private information by following the laws, country guidelines and other standards relating to the handling of private information.
2.We put appropriate and required measures to prevent leaks, losses, and damages of the private information, and to safely manage it. If any issues arise, we put corrective measures immediately.
3.We specify the objectives to use private information, and acquire, use, and provide information in a fair and appropriate manner.
4.We respond appropriately in case there are requests from the individual to disclose the private information we hold about himself/herself.
5.In case we receive business requests which include the handling of the private information from our customers, we handle private information within the range of contracted business.
6.We respond appropriately in case an individual has any claims and/or consultation about his/her information relating to our handling of the private information.

May, 1, 2015
TANA-X, Inc.